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A Chicken Little Story

This story is about the little chicken who always had a solution of everything; one a while, little chicken was playing around in his yard under the maple tree on that time a squirrel rushes arm in full of speed their hand is full of acorns and after they collide the acorn fell and get hit into the head of little chicken the acorn bounced bake into the hole after the smashing the little chicken without leaving any evidence.

The chicken looked around here and there. She looked all over the direction, but she did look into her head. Little chicken has a solution, so she thinks for some time and concludes that the sky must be falling.

This made the chicken very afraid, and she also thinks of telling all the happening about the king. She ran soon she found the ducky daddies on the way.

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Ducky’s dad asked her what happens to her. Why are you in a hurry? They both told the story that happens to them, They told you have not an idea sky is falling a big piece fell to the head of chicken little after listening that ducky daddles become very scared and joined them to tell the king about all the happened.

They are on the way they met after some time the Gooseypossey. Gosseypossey asked what happened to what is the matter why are you running. Ducky daddles told all the happens. Gosseypossey also joined him to tell the king. They were traveling along with river wood and passed through the grandmother’s house.

Short Moral Story For Kids

When they got to the king’s palace king was very surprised to see them. Why are you all coming here ? they all told the kings what is happening they told all the incidents, but the kings want proof, so he tells them where is the piece of sky I want to see him. But little chicken has not any proof. So how can you say that the sky is falling?

There is no proof except the tree. There is nothing on the ground and anywhere, so what thing is hit me so I conclude it was the sky, but the king was not ready to agree with them, so the king traveled back with the chicken little to look at the tree under the tree where she was sitting.

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All of them start investing, and finally, they managed to find the hole where the corn inside the little chicken saw the missing corn. They waited around for a while when a squirrel came out yelled down said, hey guys, you saw my acorn I dropped yesterday. The squirrel was happy to see his corn chicken. Little was so fell happy.

But chicken little learned a lesson that the sky is not falling. It is only a lousy conclusion for her. He decided never to do anything without investigation and search, always stay active, and find proof for everything.

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