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Gingerbread Man Story

The gingerbread man short story. Once upon a time, there was lived an old couple in a village. One day the old lady tried to cook a gingerbread cookie. She tried to cook in the shape of a man. She added some chocolate to design icing sugar for cloth and hair make a nose with dough of flour eyes with chocolate candy and looks very cute. Before putting it in the oven, they stand a little boy to look at it.

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The old couple went to the field, dig the potatoes, and left the little boy to stare at the gingerbread man cookie. But little did not notice because they started to daydream. After some time, the gingerbread man cookie was a cook and suddenly jumped out from the oven tin and ran out from the window with shouting. Please don’t eat me. He ran fast as possible.

The old couple tried to chase, but gingerbread ran fast like a horse, and old couples have become old to catch him. A little while, a hungry pig saw the gingerbread man and said, stop, I want to eat you,” the pig also start to chase, but the gingerbread man is too fast and said, you can’t catch me I am the gingerbread man I am a fast runner.

Short Moral Story

After some time, a hungry cow saw the gingerbread man said I feel starving. I want to eat you. He also started to chase, but gingerbread too fast thinks you can’t catch me. I m a fast runner.

After some, a bear showed him and wanted to eat the gingerbread man. He tried to run fast to catch the gingerbread man, but the gingerbread man is swift to run.

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After a while, a horse sees the gingerbread and joined the chase. Finally, the gingerbread man reached a river and stopped because the river makes him soggy. A clever fox came and wanted to eat him, but he started to act like he wanted to help him and offered help. He tells the gingerbread man to climb into his head, so he allows him to cross the river. Gingerbread man was scared of water, so he agreed.

As soon he reached to the other side, the foxed tossed him on air. Open the mouth and eat the gingerbread man. Here is the end of the gingerbread man.

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