Jonah And The Whale Fish – A Story From Bible For Kids

Jonah And The Whale Fish - A Story From Bible For Kids

Jonah And The Whale Fish

Here is the Story of Jonah And The Whale Fish. The story was beginning with Jonah. He is a prophet, and he lives in Israel. Asiria is a mighty country; also, their people are ruthless. Asiria is the biggest enemy of Israel.

One day Jonah listing to a god’s voice god teas him, Jonah, I want you to go to a message if they can’t stop their evils and cruel behaviour. Then God punished them. Jonah replied to God, “ok, my load,” but he thinks that he can’t do this because people of Asiria are worth to punished by God.

So he decided to run out and hide from God. He runs out to the seaside he sees that a boat. He entered it and slept quietly. Suddenly, the wind changed its form in the middle of the sea and started a storm—a boat out of control. Everybody fears this very horrible storm. People started a pray to God. At that time captain see that Jonah was Sleeping quietly. The Captain said to Jonah, “Jonah, please walk up and pray to your god from rescue from the storm” Jonah understands this situation.

He knows that it is all about him. He tells everybody how he undid God’s Work who God says to him. Jonah accepted that it was all about him. So he decides that if people shit should take him in the sea, the storm will be quiet.

Captain says they can’t do this. After so much argument of Jonah captain ordered to people. Shit should help him in the ocean. After this, suddenly the wind has a quiet from Captain, and other people say that Jonah was right and supreme he believes in God.

Short Moral Story From Bible

At that time, they see an enormous whale swallow, Jonah. People were unfortunate for Jonah. Jonah lives three days and three days night in the whale’s stomach. He is so sad then he started to pray to God for rescue from this situation. God listen to this and order to whale leave Jonah. By God’s orders, the whale leaves Jonah at the seaside. Jonah was so happy and said a thank you to God at this time god. The second time, he ordered, “go to Asiria and explain to their people that they stopped their cruel and bad behaviour.”

That time Jonah considered with God and went out to Asiria. When he reached them, he says all About this to Asiria’s people, how God gave a message to him. Jonah says, “as about god if they can’t stop their evil and cruel did in forty-day god devastation on them.”

Everybody believes in him and stopped their cruel behaviour, and they all started to pray to God with Jonah. They all apologize to God for their evil deeds.

God was so happy about this and not punished them.

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