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Sleeping Beauty Short Story

The sleeping beauty short story. Once there was a wonderful land, a lovely girl was born to the king and queen’s palace. All the kingdoms were decorated, and everyone was invited to the court for the vast party. The party is very excellent and beautiful.

All the fairies from all over the kingdom are invited to the celebration. All fairies brought gifts for the newborn girls. They blessed the little princess, so she becomes a clever, beautiful and very kind girl.

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After a few times, an old witch who will never show in 50 years came to the door king. Queen get surprised to see her. They rashly found the seat for them and take good care of her.

Still, they did not manage to find the witch become very angry and cursed the baby “on the age of sixteenth and princess touch the spindle and died, “she becomes angrier. Everyone was very shocked by all the happening.

Sleeping Beauty Short Moral Story For Kids

A young fairy was called into the palace for saving the princess. She said I cant remove the curse of the evil witch, but I will try to help. When the princess touches the spindle, he doesn’t die but falls in a deep sleep and is awakened with a kiss of a prince Who loves her with a deep heart.

The king and queen were felt so worried and tensed for the princess they ordered the kingdom to destroy all the spinning wheels and spinning objects. But unfortunately, a spinning wheel was left aside.

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As time is gone. The baby becomes young, charming. On her 16 birthday she was walking around his palace she comes Into a secret room at the very top of the castle. She was curious to help the old lady woman who is bent over the spinning wheel.

She cried, oh, what Is this never seen before in life, she pleased to women let me try to this. But after she touched the needle of the spindle, she fell to the ground. The witch’s spells come true With a sorrowful heart, the king ordered her to take her to the grand room, where she lies for several years in sleep.

Short Moral Story By The Story Mania

Everyone in the kingdom fell sad for sleeping beauty. The good fairy watched all of this and said with a waving hand lets sleep. The whole kingdom falls asleep until the princess is waking up by the prince. She is not too alone. We are with you at that moment. She said all this; everyone is getting to sleep. Everything was stopped.

As the time is gone, a thick forest is growing all around the kingdom, and all the domains were hidden in the deep woods. After 100 years, a brilliant and good-looking prince passed through the forest, and he discovered the kingdom.

While he was exploring the kingdom, he was surprised to see all people sleeping in the domain. He immediately gets into the palace and sees the grand room where the princess is lying, the beauty of the princess symbolizing him and immediately fell in love with her; I want to know who she is?

How gentle and kind she is looking, he kneeled and kissed her .suddenly the crushed is gone out and the princess along with all kingdom. It was a day of joy and celebration. Everyone was pleased. The prince and princess were married soon and lived happily after. the story is ended.

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