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The Frog Prince Story

Here is the story of The Frog Prince Story. In the past, Far, far away. There was a king who lived who have a wonderful daughter. She was a princess. They all are lived in a giant castle which is surrounded by a deep forest. On her birthday, the king gave her a very precious golden ball as her birthday gift.

In the forest, there was a pond in the middle of the woods. Whenever the princess getting bored, she sits neatly at the pond and plays with her golden ball .its her favourite toy.

One day she accidentally drops the ball into the water. The pond is about too deep. She can’t find out the bottom of the pond, the princess became upset and began to cry.

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When she cried, a voice suddenly called out, why are you crying, princess?” when she looked around. She saw a hideous giant frog on the pond’s bank and said I lost my golden ball with sobbed eyes.

Please don’t cry, the frog said, ‘if you promise to become my friend, eat from my plate and sleep in your bed, I will help you find out the ball. “Yes, I guarantee the princess answered, dumb frog she figures how the frog will leave out the lake.

The frog dived into the pond and swamp up with the ball. The princess felt so happy she picked up the ball and ran away. Wait, princess, the frog says, you can’t leave me out here, but the princess didn’t listen. She did not want to be friends with an ugly frog.

Short Moral Story For Kids

The next day the princess was ready to eat their dinner suddenly the door knocked she heard a voice let me in princess please open the door the princess opened the door and get afraid to see the frog. She shouted, Is it a giant? The king asked the princess to tell her about her promise to the king, then the king said, what you have promised, you must have to do. Go and get him into the palace.

The princess went and let the frog in, and he hopped after her to the table and asked to eat off her plate; but the princess did not want to, but she knew about her promise.

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The frog ate until getting full, but the princess hardly eats at all; when the frog finished his dinner, he wanted to sleep, so she asked the princess to take him to bed. The princess began to cry since she would not like to lay down with the appalling foul frog.

yet the ruler demanded to take the guarantee; now said the frog, you must kiss me the good night. “Yuck, the princess thought. She did not want to kiss the ugly frog. She pondered her brilliant ball and recalled the guarantee she shut her eyes and kissed the frog.

Suddenly the frog becomes a very handsome and intelligent prince. He told the princess that a wicked witch had changed him and only the princess can free him very soon. They become excellent friends, and they lived very happily after that.

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