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The Little Mermaid Short Story

Here is the little mermaid short story for kids; a very long time ago, a sea king lived in the vast sea. He lived In the coral palace, which is the bottom of the sea. He has six mermaid daughters. All the five mermaids are always happy, but the little mermaid princess did not smile once.

The little mermaid loved to surface the world. She wanted to swim up toward the blue sky and touch the green trees over the land. She thought that without seeing the world’s wonder is very bad, she would become unhappy thinking of that.

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Even the beauty of the sea, like lovely big fishes, shells of different sizes and shapes, all are failed to satisfy her. Even her father told him various exciting stories, but she cants smile after listening.

One time the little mermaid left the house and came to the land’s surface without notice anyone. In very thunderous weather, the waves of the sea crashed to the rocks very wildly.

The lighting from the ship rolling around the sea. At a bank of the sea, a young man signaling for help. Little mermaid quickly rescued him, and she brought him back to the sea bank and gently put him into the rock. She fell in love with the young on sight.

When the young opens his eyes, he first sees a beautiful young girl with adorable hair. He grates to her and thanks her to save his life. The beautiful girl was the princess of the sea. After helping the young man, she left for her palace.

Short Moral Story For Kids

Young mermaid always thinking about the young man. One day she visited the witches at the seashore and asked her to fulfill her wish. She wished that she want to walk on land and dance on the floor. The witch hears the wish and starts stirring her portion.

The witch of shore agrees to grant her the wish on one condition. She has to be able to dance and walk but can’t speak a single word. She loses the power of speech. The mermaid agrees to be transformed.

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The little mermaid reaches the royal palace; she is hoping that the Prince remembers her. A grand ceremony was held in the court. But the guard could not enter him because they don’t know her. After listening to the music came across the court, she starts dancing. After seeing her dance, the guard allows him to get inside the castle.

A lovely garden decorated with bright lamps, all the surroundings fill up with people’s music and laughter. Finally, the mermaid can find the Prince’s throne; beside the Prince, beautiful princes with lovely hair sit. When the Prince saw her, he could not recognize her.

The king announced that the princess was the Prince’s future wife and the next bride of the kingdom. The announcement was like an arrow in the heart for a mermaid. She ran out to the palace with tears and back into the sea.

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