The owl and the Grasshopper – Short Moral Story In English For Kids

The owl and the Grasshopper Story

Here is the story of The owl and the Grasshopper. An old owl lived in an old tree in a vast forest. Who slept in the house all day. When evening came, and darkness came, it would come out of the tree.

When he came out, he would make a lot of noise and prepare his favourite food to search frogs and mice. Now, this Owl was very old and had also grown in body. The Owl didn’t like anyone entering his daily work at all.

One summer afternoon, while the old Owl was resting in his house, he heard someone singing. The Owl comes out and sees a grasshopper singing loudly near his house. The Owl gets very angry when he hears this sound and tells Grasshopper that I am an old owl; please let me rest in my house.

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Grasshopper replies to the Owl that he has every right to sing if he wants to rest on another tree, and by saying so, Grasshopper starts singing louder.

The Owl understood that there was no point in arguing with this Grasshopper. He is so angry he wants to punish Grasshopper, but his eyes work very little during the day. The Owl understood that he could not go out and punish Grasshopper.

The Owl made a plan. When the Grasshopper started singing again, the Owl praised the Grasshopper in a sweet voice and said that I realized that your voice is lovely when I handled it calmly. I’m glad to hear your song. Can you come a little closer and sing so I can hear your song.

The Grasshopper comes close to the tree and sings his song. But the Owl is so old that if the Grasshopper comes inside the Owl’s house, the Owl can punish him. So the Owl listens to Grasshopper’s song and plays so that Grasshopper thinks that the Owl enjoys listening to the song.

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After listening to the song for a while, the Owl tells Grasshopper that your voice is good, but it will be more fun to listen to the song if it is a little better. Grasshopper asks the Owl what I should do to make my voice better. The Owl replies that I have water that will make your voice very sweet if you drink it. Come to my house if you want to drink that water.

Stupid Grasshopper goes to the house of the Owl. The Owl kills the Grasshopper immediately when it comes close to it.

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